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Workers split the latest harvest and attach half of it to new strands, effectively doubling the farmer’s crop.

Climate and the Coast: The Seaweed in Your Sandals

You’ve probably eaten seaweed, used it for walking, or taken it along with your morning vitamins.

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This couple lost their home to a typhoon, and now live in a shack that lacks a roof and two walls.

Climate and the Coast: The Frontlines of Poverty

Editor’s note: This post is the second installment of Climate and the Coast, Angela Whitney’s summer blog about her research on fishing communities in the Philippines. Click here to read the first entry.  he baby’s head is so swollen that her eyes are forced back into her head. Flies swarm over her when they remove the mesh covering her prostrate more »

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Climate, Culture

Climate and the Coast: Learning to Love Filipino Culture

Climate and the Coast: Learning to Love Filipino Culture

Maybe it was the first time I rode on a sakayan, a handmade pontoon boat; or perhaps it was when I sat down to hire my research assistant; or possibly it happened when I first saw bags of live, brightly colored reef fish being offloaded from boats into a truck, destined for sale to a pet store: somewhere along the way, more »

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