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Searching for the ghost cat in Tajikistan: Part Three

Searching for the ghost cat in Tajikistan: Part Three

Tara Meyer and her team conclude their search for the snow leopard in Tajikistan’s Hissar Mountains.

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Jennie Miller interviews a forest guard after a leopard attack in Kahna.

Reading the bones: In the field with a depredation detective

Big cats kill a lot of livestock in India’s Kahna Reserve, provoking local herders to retaliate. Jennie Miller is using forensics, ecology, and satellite mapping to reduce the escalating tension between large predators and people.

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A pair of five month old cheetah cubs in Kenya. Photo by Mary Wykstra.

Fading Spots: A Mother’s Story

With only 13,000 cheetahs left in the wild, the future of the world’s fastest land animal is far from secure. Mary Wykstra, Director of Action for Cheetahs in Kenya, tells the story of nearly a decade spent observing the life of a cheetah she calls “Mom.”

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