Photo Essays


Explorations: An Unusual Ecology in Patagonia

During a Patagonian winter in Peninsula Valdes, Argentina, Stephanie Stefanski explores an unusual ecological threat: gull attacks on whales.
Stephanie Stefanski | April 11, 2014




HydroThumbnailHimalayan Hydroscapes

Photographer Austin Lord documents life at the frontier of hydropower development in Nepal.
Austin Lord | March 17, 2014





Explorations: California Channel Islands

Take a trip just off the coast of Southern California, to an island chain heralded as the “Galapagos of North America.”
David Gonzalez | February 24, 2014





Explorations: Palau

A team of Yale graduate students travels to the west Pacific to learn about sustainable development on the island nation of Palau.
Mariah Gill | February 17, 2014





Explorations: Aegean Sea

On small islands dotting the Aegean Sea, Colin Donihue tracks how native lizards adapt to life with ancient stone walls.
Colin DonihueDecember 6, 2013





Explorations: South Carolina Lowcountry

Carlin Rosengarten explores the rich histories of South Carolina’s woodlands in the first installment of our new photo series, Explorations.
Carlin Rosengarten | November 19, 2013




Westies Photo EssaysThe American West

These photographs are the product of a collaboration between SAGE Magazine and Westies, a student group at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies that explores issues affecting the North American West.
Multiple Contributors | May 6, 2012