Max Webster, Editor in Chief

Max Webster

Max is a Masters Student at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies focusing on community-based approaches to conservation. Before coming to Sage, Max earned a Bachelors degree in English Literature from the University of Cincinnati and worked for seven years in community agriculture programs in Ohio before serving as an AmeriCorps volunteer in California and Vermont.

Alex Co, Creative Director










Alex is a Master of Environmental Management Student at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies focusing on green chemistry and circular economy opportunities for transformative business models. He received a B.S. in Chemistry and Certificate in Energy Studies from Yale University, completed research with the Center for Green Chemistry & Green Engineering, and spent time living and studying in both Scotland and Switzerland.

Noah Sokol, Senior Editor







Noah is a PhD Student in soil ecology at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. He researches the ecology of soils, forests, and invasive species. At Sage, he serves as an editor for the magazine as well as host and producer of the Habitations podcast.

Allyza Lustig, Senior Arts Editor


lustig_headshot2Allyza is a Masters student at Yale where she studies climate change adaptation, resilience, and water management. Her work prior to Yale centered around international development, climate services, and conflict resolution. Separately, Allyza is also enjoys drawing and painting, and has displayed her work in New York City, upstate New York, and New Haven, CT.

Nathalie Woolworth, Editor










Nathalie is a Master of Environmental Management candidate focused on the interface of business and the environment. Prior to Yale Nathalie worked as a writer and non-profit generalist for land conservation organizations in Maine, and as a consultant for non-profits and foundations across the country. As a Sage staff member Nathalie indulges her side-interests in journalism, creative nonfiction, and editing.

Meredith Brown, Editor

Noah Schlager, Editor

Rachel Gulbraa, Editor

Rachel Weston, Editor

Mark DeSantis, Editor


Faculty Advisor, Fred Strebeigh


Fred Strebeigh has written for publications including American Heritage, Atlantic Monthly, Audubon, E: The Environmental Magazine, Legal Affairs, New Republic, Reader’s Digest, Russian Life, Sierra, Smithsonian, and the New York Times Magazine. Topics on which he has published include: the history and origins of nature writing; the influence of nature on artistic form; the role of the bicycle in China; educational exchange between China and the United States; pressures on the Antarctic treaty system; natural and social conditions in the Falkland Islands; traces of early man in southern Africa; saving whales from fishing nets off the coast of Newfoundland; the impact of environmental issues on the presidential election in 2004, and defending the world’s largest system of scientific nature reserves in Russia. His teaching in 2004 received Yale’s DeVane medal, presented each year by Phi Beta Kappa to one member of the university’s active faculty, and in 2009 at Yale commencement received the Brodhead Prize for Teaching Excellence.

Previous Staff


Editor in Chief
Will Murtha, Emissions Markets and Policy Reporter at Argus Media

Senior Arts Editor
Katie Christiansen Holsinger, Editor at The Artists Field Guide to Greater Yellowstone

Features Editors
Shelley Clark, Legal Assistant at The Chanler Group
Elias Kohn, Lewis and Clark Environmental Law Fellow
Breanna Lujan, Global Climate Program Assistant at Environmental Defense Fund


Editor in Chief
Timothy Brown, Writer, Editor and Multimedia Storyteller at Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Managing Editor
Joseph Calamia, Senior Editor at Yale University Press

Features Editors
Sarah Austin Casson, Yale Law School Peter and Patricia Gruber Fellow in Global Justice at The WILD Foundation

Contributing Editors
Paul Burow, PhD Student at Yale University
Kristin Dreiling, Practice Manager, Environment and Natural Resources at Chemonics International
Christopher Halfnight, Policy Manager at Urban Green Council
Gina LaCerva
Amy Weinfurter, Research Analyst at Yale Data-Driven Environmental Solutions Group


Editors in Chief
Ben Goldfarb, Correspondent at High Country News
Jason Schwartz


Editors in Chief

Aaron Reuben, Science Writer, Conservationist, Neuropsychologist-In-Training

Michael Parks, Executive Director, San Francisco Business Council on Climate Change


Thomas Chase, Project Manager, New Ecology, Inc.

Dylan Walsh, Freelance Writer

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