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In Memory

In Memory

After recent fires at Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Elizabeth Parker Garcia reflects on the mountains of eastern Tennessee as a place of loss, remembrance and resilience.

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Facing Fear in the Heart of Alaska

Facing Fear in the Heart of Alaska

Filmmaker Christina Stone hikes across melting glaciers and descends into their chasms to confront climate change head on and tell its story in Alaska’s Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve.

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A Journey With Nature in Grand Teton & Yellowstone

A Journey With Nature in Grand Teton & Yellowstone

  t some point in the history of our species, humans began to think of themselves separate from nature. In the process of that separation many of us lost our ability to relate not only to our fellow species, the bison, the coyote, the eagle, but also with the water, the mountains, and the trees. Our individual lives are microcosms more »

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Aqueduct-walking in the Mojave Desert

Aqueduct-walking in the Mojave Desert

Sayd Randle hikes with a filmmaker along the Los Angeles Aqueduct as they meet the communities impacted by the water consumption of Los Angeles, California.

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Sunset over the Amazon River.

Where the River Fairies Are: A Quest on the Amazon River with the Pink Dolphins

Yiyuan Jasmine Qin traces the journey of the Amazon river dolphin, or the Boto, along the Amazon River as it winds through complex, intertwining stories of scientific research and conservation efforts, threats from overfishing and indigenous community development.

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The Newtok post office. Photo by Jon Meyer.

Moses and the Marines

Indigenous Yup’ik Alaskans grapple with the relocation of their town as permafrost thaws and riverbanks erode.

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